2018 was a huge year for our family in many ways. But the best part was the finalization of Tasi’s adoption. We were stuck waiting for two and a half years. First it was the Korean side: attorneys, biological family, legal matters. Then in the States: family attorney, immigration attorney, department of social services, home studies, more legal matters, court dates, appeals, and on and on. For two and a half years, a part of me lived in fear. The thought of ‘What if the adoption doesn’t go through?’ was always somewhere in the back of my mind, crippling me, especially in our most joyous times. But in my heart, she was my daughter from the first day she came to us. As we walked into the courtroom my husband and I joked, ‘Are we sure we want to do this... because now we really can’t take it back!’ As the judge read her new legal name, I felt the tears fill my eyes. She was finally ours. 
I am so thankful for everyone who prayed, encouraged, and helped us through this process; our family and friends, our attorneys @familybuilding, my cell sisters, our church family, and all of our supporters who sent such sweet messages throughout the year. 
Adoption may not be for everyone, but if it has crossed your mind, look into it! And feel free to connect with us if you have questions!

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