Our story begins with Anastasia (Tasi - TAH-see). A few years ago I met a little girl in Korea. As we went through the process of adopting her, I took a sewing class to make her a gift... a fabric pouch for her little trinkets. But the adoption was complicated and we went through many heartaches and battles for her to become our daughter. My sewing classes became my therapy. I made pouches, bags, and eventually clothes for Tasi, as I waited for the adoption to be finalized. When she finally came to the States to live with us forever, I wanted to sew a modern Hanbok for her... to remind her of her roots, with hopes that she would continue to embrace her Korean heritage. With that, and a desire to support orphanages and raise awareness for adoptions, Petals for Tasi was born. We are just a couple months away from our second anniversary and we are so thankful to have connected with so many wonderful people who have adopted, or are looking to adopt in the future. We hope that our stories will encourage you and show that even through the struggles, adoption is beautiful and so worthwhile.

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  • Jun 23, 2021

    Love this story! What a beautiful beginning ❤️❤️

    — Min

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