Everyone adopts for different reasons. Infertility. Higher callings. Sheer compassion. For us it was a combination. Ever since I was in kindergarten I said I wanted to adopt, from having a best friend who was adopted. When I met my husband, it was a conversation that we had very early on in our dating relationship, mainly because I knew that if he was not on the same page as me about adoption, the relationship would not last. Thankfully he was in full agreement. But when the time came to have babies, we struggled with infertility. As we proceeded with the IVF process, often times I wondered if we should “just” adopt instead. But in my picture perfect vision of what my family would (and probably should) look like was three of our own children and then an adopted youngest. It’s funny how our lives rarely go according to our own ways. We did get pregnant through IVF and had a son but when it came time to have a second, IVF failed 9 times. Devastated and frustrated was our frame of mind when our beautiful Anastasia came into our lives. She was a God-send. Through her, my wounds were healed and our family was made complete. We’re often asked if we’d adopt again. All I say is never say never. #adoptionstory

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