Love Overcomes

Love Overcomes
There were so many times I second guessed myself, my calling to adopt, and my decisions. I had always wanted to adopt ever since I was in kindergarten, from having a best friend who was adopted. But with age comes wisdom and maturity... but also fear. And the fear was crippling. I was afraid to lose her but I was also afraid to “take in” a child whom I did not birth. What if I can’t love them as much as I love my biological son? What if we don’t bond? What if they don’t accept me as mom?
One day my children and I were talking about planning a trip to visit Korea. My Tasi was pretty quiet throughout the conversation until this one moment when she turned and looked at me with a worried, almost terrified, look on her little face. She told me that we have to go together... otherwise she wouldn’t go. I will never forget this heart piercing moment. How selfish was I... that my own fears clouded my vision... that I couldn’t see the deeply rooted fears in her. I held her tightly and assured her that I am her mommy, and that nothing would, nothing could, change that. I pray everyday that she would know that none of this was a mistake... her birth, finding us, being our daughter. That God, in His infinite wisdom, had created her with a beautiful plan and that her story is still in the making. And for now, I am so thankful that love overcomes fear. Always.

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