Love Story

Love Story
It was in this gazebo that my husband and I began courting. Yes. We are from a different generation. This is where our love story began. And today when I saw my daughter standing in the gazebo I just felt thankful. God has blessed us beyond my wildest imagination in so many ways. 
Petals for Tasi was launched with two dreams. One, we desire to help fund orphanage ministries at which beautiful people work tirelessly to love on and care for children. And two, we want to spread awareness for adoptions because adopting can be for anyone who is willing. There is still so much work to be done, but we are thankful for every opportunity we receive to share our story with those we meet along this journey. So please, if you recognize us when we’re out and about, say hi! And if you have any questions about adopting, don’t hesitate to reach out!! I’m no pro but I might be able to guide you toward your next step in the process.

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