I frequently get asked about how my son handled the adoption of his little sister. He loved her from the first day they met. He held her hand and walked with her and was eager to be a big brother. We used to see her only on the weekends for a while and every day during the week he would ask if it was Saturday yet. This little four year old son of mine would actually sit and daydream, wondering what she was doing when she wasn’t with us. And then we brought her home. Reality hit this sweet, loving “big brother”. Every day for two weeks he casually (and sometimes not so casually) asked when she was going back to Korea. She was messing up his toys. She didn’t know how to pet his dog. She was in his mother’s arms. And then I decided to combine all of their toys, and had heart to heart with him. These were now “our” toys, I explained, and she is in our family because she was always supposed to be, just like him. And that was that. They never fought ever again and they became best friends and little angels. Really??? No! Not really. They fight all the time!! Truth is, adoption is hard. Really hard. It’s hard for everybody. But we are bound together in love and we do not give up. Have I ever second guessed myself for deciding to adopt? Totally. But I also did that three months into giving birth to my son and my life was turned upside down. At the end of the day though, I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are a family and we are blessed beyond imagination to have one another. All of us. 

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