The Good Work

The Good Work
A passion project. 
I was so honored with the opportunity to be interviewed the other day and when it was done, I took some time to reflect. Once I got over the initial shock of how poorly I did (ugh) I started to think about how and why I started Petals for Tasi. Just keeping things in check with my eyes on the goal of fully funding an orphanage one day. And we want to do more along the way. There is so much work to be done and the responsibility does not fall on others; it falls on me and you. After our launch on January 1st of this year, the best part about my job has been the connections that I have made with others who share the same passion for adoptions. I am so unbelievably blessed to be able to support one another as we journey through our adoptions together. Clothing our babes with love, hope, and wishes beyond my imagination. Holding on to and being proud of our Korean heritage. And supporting causes that unite us. I don’t come with experience. I was never in this industry. But what I have is this passion and that is what drives me everyday. Won’t you join me?

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